Survey for Stewards

Over the past week, Brad, Nancy R., Jane, and myself have worked to create a nesting-season-end survey for stewards. Although we still have at least month of stewarding to go, we want to look ahead to ways we can improve and grow the steward program while this year is fresh in our minds.

When you get your survey in the U.S. mail, it would be a tremendous help to us if you filled it out and returned it. We’d like to know what you thought of your experience, as a volunteer steward (good and bad), and what we can do to make it more meaningful and enjoyable for you–and helpful to the birds!

We had no idea what would become of the stewarding idea when we decided to give it a try, but we knew it would depend on the volunteers, so thanks again to everyone for your time and dedication.



About Collier County Shorebird Stewards

The Collier County Shorebird Partnership was formed in 2010 and has begun a steward program to help protect beach-nesting birds by informing beach-goers about these interesting animals and how they can help them nest successfully.
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