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Birds and bird stewards in the news media.

A Little Tern Humor

The British paper, the Daily Mail, has published a news story and photographs featuring a Least Tern, its chick, and a rather large baitfish. This illustrates perfectly one of the reasons that I, personally, enjoy birds so much: They’re really … Continue reading

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Birds and Bird Stewards in the Coastal Breeze

The Coastal Breeze is running another article about the Bird Stewards and the beach-nesting birds. Check it out here! Nancy Richie–we have to use last names because we have four Nancys in the stewarding program–has been informing the local media … Continue reading

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NBC-2 Memorial Day Story

Back on Memorial Day, our first big holiday weekend, we had a reporter from NBC 2 news come to do a TV news story about the steward program. Ellen was a real trooper, staying late because the news crew could … Continue reading

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Coastal Breeze Article

In June Nancy Richie wrote an article introducing the bird stewards to Marco Island. Titled “Shorebird steward volunteers,” it appeared in the Coastal Breeze, a local Marco paper. You might see your photo in it! –Lindsay

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Stewards in Jacksonville

There are many other steward programs around the state. Here’s an article about a Jacksonville-based stewarding effort. Thanks to the pass-along from Nancy Richie! –Lindsay

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