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How Shorebirds Keep Cool

On sunny days, you will probably notice that many of the terns and skimmers at the colony are sitting or standing around with their mouths open. If you get a good look at a chick, you will notice they, too, … Continue reading

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Sea Pork Alert

Hi All, Today there is lots of sea pork washing up on the Marco Island beach–flesh color, bright orange and black. The black is being mistaken for tar balls. How can you tell the difference between sea pork and a … Continue reading

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Where Do the Birds Winter?

As the nesting season draws down, you may notice that there seems to be fewer adults and fledglings to be seen on Sand Dollar. At first the reason for this is that once they have finished nesting for the season, … Continue reading

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Steward’s Lunch: Pelican Bend

The next lunchtime get-together for stewards will be at 1:30 this Sunday, August 1, at Pelican Bend on Isles of Capri. If you haven’t been, it has indoor and outdoor seating and it’s on the water. Overall, a great spot. … Continue reading

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More Oil Look-alikes

We’ve heard about sea pork and sea squirts being mistaken for oil, but other naturally occuring substances can also fool people. To help prevent confusion, our Collier County Sea Grant Agent, Bryan Fluech, posted an article about the topic on … Continue reading

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Weekend Report

Although we were a little short-staffed this past weekend, the stewards who were able to come out made a positive impression. A Gulf-side steward (we don’t know who yet!) met Randy McCormick, the environmental manager at Rookery Bay and made … Continue reading

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A Little Tern Humor

The British paper, the Daily Mail, has published a news story and photographs featuring a Least Tern, its chick, and a rather large baitfish. This illustrates perfectly one of the reasons that I, personally, enjoy birds so much: They’re really … Continue reading

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