More Oil Look-alikes

We’ve heard about sea pork and sea squirts being mistaken for oil, but other naturally occuring substances can also fool people. To help prevent confusion, our Collier County Sea Grant Agent, Bryan Fluech, posted an article about the topic on his blog. It’s work checking out, not only for the photos but also for the explanation of how reports of suspected oil are handled.

We are fortunate that oil has not contaminated our county, and prevailing ocean currents are unlikely to bring it here, but it’s a good idea to stay aware of the issues in case visitors have questions.



About Collier County Shorebird Stewards

The Collier County Shorebird Partnership was formed in 2010 and has begun a steward program to help protect beach-nesting birds by informing beach-goers about these interesting animals and how they can help them nest successfully.
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