Hello World!

The Collier County Shorebird Partnership’s steward project has launched a website! Hopefully this will be an easy way to present information to our volunteers stewards, as well as to the general public.

Please refer to the tabs for pages that will provide information about the partnership and the bird steward project, how to be a steward, and more. Check out the links just below the picture of Black Skimmers to read up on stewarding–we have information about the birds, about the site, about the people you’ll meet, and much more besides. If you’ve misplaced or lost any of the handouts you received when you first started, you’ll find them here as well.

You can also comment on each post, so you can ask questions and provide feedback directly on the website.

Finally, check the links in the column to the right. They provide additional resources and information about shorebirds, the partners, and the local area.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy the site!


About Collier County Shorebird Stewards

The Collier County Shorebird Partnership was formed in 2010 and has begun a steward program to help protect beach-nesting birds by informing beach-goers about these interesting animals and how they can help them nest successfully.
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One Response to Hello World!

  1. Nancy Nowosielski says:

    Nice website. Thanks for all the info!

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